SHipping & delivery!

“It doesn’t matter your Location; we have your puppy sent to you by professional pet relocators”
COVID-19 doesn’t stop us from operating.

Puppies are delivered by a PET RELOCATE COMPANY. Puppies travel by air/ground. Puppies arrive within 24 hours after payment.

Puppy Travel!
Safety First!
We understand traveling can be scary for first timers, whether they walk on two legs or four! Our dedicated team and travel partners always put the health and wellbeing of your puppy first, making sure he or she arrives safely and as quickly as possible.

We frequently receive questions about how we ship our strong healthy dachshund puppies. Buy Cheap healthy dachshund puppies from AKC Quality Dachshunds with a secured and guarantee shipping method. We use a stress-free shipping method convenient to our Healthy Dachshund Pups to arrive at its new family destination safely. Shipping is mostly done by air or train for fast and convenient reasons though we still give choices to our customers to choose the shipping method of their pup. Before shipping our Top quality dachshund puppy, it must be more than 8weeks old and before entering the plane, its medical document must be presented before it is scanned free for using this method of transport. We Been Shipping Puppies for Many Years and It Is A Very Simple and Effective Way of Getting A Puppy to Its New Home. We Generally Ship Two Times A Week to Major Airports Nation Wide. Below are the clarifications of shipping

-Shipping your puppy to you will be an arrangement and it will be done with the assistance of our pet caretaker with caretaker’s bill depended on us because we secure our Fresh dachshund puppy’s Health first for it to go smoothly. Puppy shipping is quite popular, especially when it concerns a particular breed that’s why we will always book a direct flight no matter how costly it is.

-We schedule an appointment for our white apricot dachshund puppy and our veterinarian within 9days before the flight of the pup. We receive information after finalizing the appointment like Arrival and Departure Times, Flight and Confirmation Numbers

-We buy a confirmed airline crate/carrier comfortable for our happy dachshund puppy to be kept inside

-The Puppy Will Fly in Their Own Individual Airline Approved Travel Crate containing enough food and Water, potty pads on the bottom of their crate for The Puppy’s Convenience During Travel. Keeping healthy healthy dachshund puppies in good temperament, the pups will also have time to play and stretch the leg and even a potty break will be given.

-Shipping your teddy bear dachshund puppy in a car will depend on your location and if it is far we will use another convenient method you might choose. We use pet caretakers who travel together with our healthy dachshund puppies to reduce the risk of hurting or scratching your bright dachshund puppy. Our pet nannies will bring the puppy to the address stated on the agreement.

-When the puppy arrives at its destination, the final checkup will be done at the airport before delivery is made to your address. The Puppy will be given to you with all its travelling documents necessary (Exams, Vaccination Record, Registration Papers, Etc).

Your location is always important to us because AKC Quality Dachshunds will always like to deliver your AKC Registered dachshund puppy at the nearest airport close to you to distress our customers. The crate that your

dachshund puppy is transported inside always have an attachment concerning all information needed about the dachshund puppy and the Owner as shown below
Name of Puppy………
sex of puppy……..
breeder’s Name……………….
customer’s Name………………
customer identification number………….Address…….
location and name of pet shop …………. ………..
Date and Time of shipping…. … …….
senders signature——— and transport agent signature———

An authorized form of 3copies carrying the above information will be verified and signed. one copy in the keeping of AKC Quality Dachshunds, one will be kept in the transport agency head-office and the other will be handed to the customer. This is done to clarify any doubt at any time and can be used as a witness in any unforeseen circumstances.

Immediately as your energetic dachshund puppy leave our store, we stick to you keenly waiting for the arrival time of your soft Dachshund puppy at your address. All verified information about the agency and pet cargo-carrying your pup will be sent to you and when the plane arrives, you will receive a notification. Check your puppy’s health physically after receiving it then later you visit your veterinary doctor to check the internal health. In case of any issue get back to us as soon as possible but if not thank us through our review page and give us the authority to publish your testimony or not. We will still always contact you from time to time to know more about our dachshund puppy health and will be happy to receive updated pictures and videos from you as well.

Our Promise

We will make sure your puppy arrives safe, healthy and as quickly as possible.